Body Magick is a series of Young Adult fantasy novels that follows the adventures of three magically gifted adolescents--Blanca, Rose, and Blue--as they travel from their quiet village of Word under Rain Mountain out into the larger kingdom of Mantan, and then even further into the world of Eta. As they grow and mature, all three encounter challenges beyond their imaginations and become intimately involved in the shaping of the future of their world. The Hand is the first book in the series.


About the Author: Jason is the author of four published books (two non-fiction books, a chapbook, and one novel) and numerous articles in journals, magazines, newspapers, and webzines. He has been a professor of writing and literature for over 25 years for institutions such as the City University of New York, Louisiana State University, Marshall University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Arkansas. He now works as a freelance writer and novice homesteader in the woods of Southwest Arkansas. 

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